Farshad Ebrahimi, Temple University, HDC SETAC Student Representative                        

Farshad Ebrahimi is a first year PhD student in environmental engineering at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, working under the supervision of Dr. Erica McKenzie. He did a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran and a Master’s degree in civil engineering in University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. As a Ph.D. student in environmental engineering, he is working on a collaborative research project between Temple University and Drexel University, to improve our understanding of  poly- and perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAS) partitioning on sewage solids, including both sewage sludge and biosolids. Through this project, he will have the opportunity to develop his environmental engineering and chemistry skills and he will have the opportunity to work with students, scientists, and stakeholders via outreach efforts. Hence, this collaborative work is well aligned with the core mission of SETAC, which is promotion and advancement of environmental sciences, education in the field and use of science in policy and decision making.

It is his core value to abide by certain rules in his research and also in any other scientific and professional activity that he currently does or plans on doing in future. These values include maintaining transparency, integrity and persistency to produce valuable work, which are consistent with stated values and principles of SETAC. He believes that serving as a student representative on the HDC SETAC board would give him an invaluable opportunity to employ his skills and values in a different venue and to gain leadership experience and connect with industry leaders and academics in his scientific field.