Hudson-Delaware Regional Chapter
of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (HDC SETAC)

Election for the Board of Directors 2020

Please VOTE for up to THREE candidates for the open positions on the Board of Directors.

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HDC SETAC is looking for new Board Members!

The Hudson-Delaware Chapter of SETAC has openings on the Board of Directors and we have three candidates listed below that have been nominated for the election. Please do your part as a member of HDC SETAC and VOTE in this 2020 election.

Candidates for the Board of Directors should be a Hudson-Delaware Chapter SETAC member and also a SETAC North America member in good standing. Board members are expected to attend monthly conference calls, an annual planning meeting and make ever effort to attend the Spring meeting or other HDC SETAC sponsored events. The term of the position is 3 years starting immediately at the completion of the election. Your term ends after the Spring meeting in your third year. You are encouraged to volunteer for an executive position (Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications) as they become available. As a board member you will still be required to pay your annual HDC member dues and registration fees to all meetings and events.

Elections are OPEN now and will run through Wednesday November 18, 2020.

We will announce the results from the election process by Thursday November 19, 2020.

Please VOTE for up to THREE of the following candidates:

Ms. Abigail DeBofsky, Ph.D. - USEPA

Mr. Dan Millemann, Ph.D. - NJDEP

Ms. Jennifer Wollenberg, Ph.D. - FTI Consulting

Please review the candidates Bios here:

Abigail DeBofsky, Ph.D., USEPA Region 2
Abigail is very excited to be applying to serve on the HDC SETAC Board of Directors. She is a new transplant to New York, where she now works for the US EPA in Region 2 as an Ecological Risk Assessor in Superfund. Prior to this position, Abigail completed her BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Michigan and her MS in Freshwater Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She then worked as an ORISE intern in the US EPA Great Lakes National Program Office before beginning her PhD in Environmental Toxicology at the University of Saskatchewan. Over the course of her PhD, Abigail attended several SETAC North America and Prairie Northern Chapter meetings as well as a SETAC YES meeting, and she also served on NASAC as a Global Sciences Liaison. Abigail is familiar with the processes of hosting events and encouraging attendance, both in person and virtually, through her involvement in the USask Toxicology Graduate Student Association, where she served as Vice President of Communications and Co-President.  She is a recent doctoral graduate, having completed her PhD in September 2020. She would like to serve on the HDC SETAC Board of Directors because she loves SETAC and the mentorship and support the organization provides, particularly at the level of regional chapters. Abigail has benefited from SETAC through her education, and she would like to give back to the community. She believes that as a recent graduate and a new federal employee, she has unique viewpoints to provide to support students, encourage mentorship, and support scientific discovery within the chapter. Overall, Abigail DeBofsky believes that she has the enthusiasm and experience to effectively serve the HDC.

Dan Millemann, Ph.D., New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Dan has been an active member of the HDC SETAC Board of Directors for several years, beginning as the student representative in 2014 and has just completed a three-year term as the Vice-President, President, out-going President. He is looking to rejoin the Board of Directors to represent the HDC SETAC membership with a more focused approach towards advancing the goals of the several subcommittees that have formed. Specifically, Dan would like to continue to advance student engagement and involvement in the “behind the scenes” work that goes into meeting planning and website/social media development as well as facilitate interactions with the general membership through updated newsletters and outreach efforts. He is enthusiastic to provide opportunities for students and professionals to keep the spirit of environmental stewardship alive as well as to expand the diversity of membership and research topics covered at local meetings. Dan works for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection as a Research Scientist focused on aquatic toxicology. He graduated from Elon University with a B.S. in Biology and received his Ph.D. in Environmental Science from Rutgers University.

Jennifer Wollenberg, Ph.D., FTI Consulting
Jennifer is a Senior Director at FTI Consulting in the Environmental Solutions practice, and is based in the Wayne, PA office. Her expertise includes evaluating the fate and transport of mercury and other chemicals in the environment, and assessing ecological risk and impacts on ecosystem processes.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Drew University and both Masters and Doctoral degrees in Earth & Environmental Sciences from Lehigh University. Her graduate research focused on geochemistry of metals, particularly mercury, in lakes and wetlands. Jennifer has spent the past 20 years evaluating the effects of chemical contaminants on environmental systems. Her professional experience includes characterizations of physical, chemical, and biological conditions at sites subject to regulation under Federal programs such as CERCLA and the Clean Water Act, as well as State programs for environmental cleanups and natural resource permitting. In recent years, she has also provided testifying and consulting expert services related to environmental impacts, permitting disputes, and cost allocation. Jennifer has been a member of SETAC for over 10 years, and previously served on the HDC-SETAC Board from 2015 to 2017.