Fall Workshop - October 2015, Princeton, NJ

HDC SETAC wants to thank all the speakers and attendees for the 2015 Fall Workshop. Everyone seemed to enjoy the line-up of speakers and great mix of attendees. Please see below for a link to the speaker's presentations and abstracts. In some cases approval was not received for posting of the presentation. Please contact the speaker directly for information.


Workshop Program (Abstracts included here)


David Himmelheber, PhD - Geosyntec Consultants; "Pore Water Sampling Methodologies, Applications and the Road to Commercialization"

Dr. Upal Ghosh - University of Maryland, Baltimore County;  "New Advances in Passive Sampling for Sediment Risk Assessment"

Mr. Jim Occhialini - Alpha Analytical; "A Comparison of SPME Approaches for the Analysis of Alkylated PAHs in Pore Water"

Dr. Dominic DiToro - University of Delaware; "Modern Models for Predicting Partitioning, Bioconcentration and Toxicity of Organic Chemicals: The End of the Age of Octanol"

Ms. Courtney Thomas, PhD - Geosyntec Consultants; "Monitoring Pore Water and Water Column PAH Concentrations in the intertidal Environment Using Passive Sampling Methods"

Mr. Greg Neumann - NJDEP; "Porewater: NJDEP Site Remediation Program Regulatory Perspective"

Mr. Josh Collins - AECOM; "Use of Pore Water in Conjunction with other Biotic and Abiotic Datasets to Evaluate Remedial Success in a Freshwater River Environment"

Dr. AmyMarie Accardi-Dey - The Louis Berger Group, Inc.; "Application of In-situ Porewater Technology at a Contaminated Sediment Site to Assess Recontamination from VOC and PCB-Impacted Groundwater"

Huan Xia - University of Maryland, Baltimore County; "Site Specific Partitioning and Bioavailability Assessment for Sediments from South Wilmington Wetlands"

The workshop was held at:

D&R Greenway Land Trust
Johnson Education Center
One Preservation Place
Princeton, NJ 08540

For more information please contact:

Workshop Co-Chairs:  Gary Buchanan, Gary.Buchanan@dep.nj.gov; Andrew Joslyn, Andrew_Joslyn@golder.com