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2018 HDC SETAC Spring Meeting, April 25-26, 2018
Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

Ecosystem Services: 
What can the environment do for you?

The assessment of ecosystem services and the benefits nature provides to people, has become a focal point of regulatory strategy and risk assessment frameworks. Ongoing research into understanding and quantifying these services can greatly benefit entities involved in environmental regulation, land use planning, and the strategic deployment of resources. The benefits of ecosystem services are plentiful, and include fields of study such as nutrient cycling, biodegradation and bioremediation, habitat restoration, and wetland ecology. Remediation and restoration of contaminated or degraded sites can enhance ecosystem services in addition to decreasing risks to human health and the environment. We invite the members of our SETAC community to submit presentations on research and/or case studies involving the benefits our ecosystem provides us relating to environmental toxicology and chemistry.

With deepest sorrow we mourn the loss of our friend -

Dr. Carolyn Bentivegna
(1960 - 2017)

The Carolyn S. Bentivegna Scientific Conference Travel Fund


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HDC-SETAC is a regional chapter of SETAC, a national scientific non-profit organization of about 4,000 members and was founded in 1984, making it one of the first established regional chapters within North America. In 2015, the chapter continues to attract scientists and students from academia, consulting, government, and industry. We offer an informative and educational (but fun!) Annual Spring Meeting and Fall Workshop to enhance our knowledge of environmental sciences, offer opportunities for students and an award program, and scientific interchange at all HDC-SETAC events.

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